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Why you need to know your blood pressure:

Do you know what your blood pressure is?

Your blood pressure is one of the top 3 risk factors for a heart attack.

It’s so important to check your blood pressure because you can manage it easily.

8 years ago, a study came out showing that blood pressure was under-treated. It resulted in having the blood pressure parameters changed.

To read more about blood pressure, click here



Vitamin D needs to be taken year-round.

In Canada, the days are short for most of the year. Clothing and sunscreen limit Vit D production in your skin regardless of where you live.

Vitamin D is more important than just for healthy bones.

  1. immune health

  2. helps in the treatment of depression

  3. it lowers the risk of certain cancers

  4. lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes

  5. lowers the risk of heart disease

  6. can help in weight loss

  7. can help with lowering blood pressure

Vitamin D has been shown to regulate cellular functions, is anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and supports muscle function and brain activity.

Order your vitamin D today: for $20

This highly potent and bioavailable form of vitamin D requires just 3-5 drops a day to support optimal levels.

(Yes DROPS!) this bottle will last you approximately 6 months.

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Beautiful Skin Corner

Radiant skin takes far more than skin creams.

A healthy, low-inflammatory diet is important to support cellular regeneration.

Vitamin D has been shown to help skin health!

Join us at this event to learn how to have the best skin of your life - on a budget!!

We will discuss the daily habits that are aging your skin faster.

And we will show you some simple treatments that give you wonderfully glowing skin.

Come join us for a fun evening just in time for Stampede.

Dr. Natasha Iyer, MD

*This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions and should not be used for medical advice. Seek proper medical consultation with a medical professional.

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